Home Is Nowhere

by Anterroir

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released June 21, 2013



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Anterroir Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Home Is Nowhere
Let me get this straight / I hate everyone and everything / I've spent too much time / Inside my head / Walking in circles until the floor caves in / If I could leave it all / Consequence aside / I won't wait for the sun / I'm leaving tonight / Fuck this / I'm moving on / This town is the street to hell / I don't care about the battles won / Because the war is where I fought and fell / My whole life / I have just been working to die / Why not save everyone time
Track Name: Can't Escape My Breath
Trapped in another man's skin / He ain't me / I'll try to escape from him / Set me free / From the cradle into the grave / My mother's life is my crutch / I offer no experiences / What can be gained through secondary touch / He ain't me / I am in him / I'm stuck so far in this / That I can't escape my breath / I've lived so long in this / But all I feel in me is death
Track Name: I Have Nothing
What we felt it was planted on wires / Received a message not from god nor a saint / Our lives for bid to a buyer / Not controlled we thought we would break / And I was forced to create / Who they said I heard not he was silent / The gods are myth dreamt up man made / I can't believe in something so quiet / If faith is everything / Then I have nothing / I believe in what I see / So why don't you fucking show me something / Omnipotence reign down on me / How easy it would be / To turn my back and leave / All the choices that I've made / Get the fuck out of this place / Leave the people that I know / And strike out on my own / Be free