No Sense of Place

by Anterroir

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released October 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Anterroir Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Can't Escape My Breath
Trapped in another man's skin
He ain't me
I'll try to escape from him
Set me free
From the cradle into the grave
My mother's life is my crutch
I offer no experiences
What can be gained through secondary touch?
He ain't me
I am in him
I'm stuck so far in this that I can't escape my breath
I've lived so long in this but all I feel in me is death
Track Name: La Machina
Everybody lied to me growing up
The well-oiled religion machine
They said, "faith in God will make you stand tall"
But they all live life on their knees
What the fuck?
Track Name: Shoot The Gap
Me in love is me in death
Vacant and soulless and lacking breath
Everything is a parody of
What we did versus what I need
I'm pulling tides with the moon
What does that mean for you?
Jesus Christ, I really fucked up this time
I took you down with me
Into this black hole in my mind
Get out while you can
I won't make it out alive
The weight of all this gravity
Spinning circles in my head
I know that I'm better off
When I'm dead
This is more than what I need
This is a time of clarity
This is me seeing me
This is a time for me
Track Name: Bearquake
A cold heart like mine
Buried in my chest like a stone
At the bottom of the ocean
Lies in waiting overgrown
This ain't no sunken treasure
Or a ship lost at sea
It's a broken fucking vessel
Filled with only misery
Track Name: Home is Nowhere
Let me get this straight
I hate everyone and everything
I've spent too much time
Inside my head
Walking in circles
Until the floor caves in
If I could leave it all
Consequence aside
I won't wait for the sun
I'm leaving tonight
Fuck this
This town is the street to hell
I don't care about the battles won
Because the war is where I fought and fell
My whole life
I have just been working to die
Why not save everyone time?
Track Name: Han
Can you be worried about yourself?
The pursuit of happiness eludes me
Like catching smoke
Or dodging the rain
Freedom is a burden
My conscience can't carry
Should I do what I need?
Or bend for those who love me?
My life is a sham
It's what keeps me angry
I love nothing more than anger
They must have meds for me
Perhaps an elaborate study
To tell me what is wrong
Prove I'll never belong
Fuck me
I swear to God everything I said
I swear to God it's what I fucking meant
I swear to God I need no home
'Cause at the end of everything I'll be standing alone
Track Name: Distance
I see myself through different eyes
You only see from a distance
My mind wanders in relative time
"Happiness," I fucking missed it
Find me a fucking clinic
I'm so tired of the circumstance
Tangled and twisted
The world I experience is clouded pigment
Find me a fucking clinic
I'm so confused by how you look at me
Tangled and twisted
The world I experience is clouded pigment
These ideals will drag me to the grave
These ideals will drag me to the Goddamn grave
I'm so sick of bullshit deals
With a God I don't believe in
Track Name: Stagnant Cycles
I am down on my knees
My fingers on the trigger
And I swear I'm not a quitter
It's just quicker this way
I slide the barrel between by teeth
And feel my soul start to release
At least I took care of me
While you all need your beliefs
Everyone I know has been leaving home
To slave for a God they think they know
They don't know him
They know nothing
But the stagnant cycles they built
Just these stagnant fucking cycles they built
God machine taking control of us
So I look at what they told me
All the stories that they poured into my head
They were trying to mould me
I guess we'll find out who's right when I'm dead
Wind it up
The fucking God machine
Track Name: Everybody Wants to be Frankie Munez
I feel like I'm losing
The battle I started fighting
When I was a kid
Inside my head
The anxiety already broke what I did
The spite that I have carried
Is heavier than any anchor
Placed beneath my feet
Please don't let me die a bitter man
I've got notches on my spine
I've got wounds that refuse to scar
There is a longing to take it all back
I was told I wouldn't feel a thing
In my world everyone is blind
Down here we take an eye for an eye
Don't let me die a bitter man
I was once alive now I'm dead again
Track Name: Snakealanche
I'm losing faith in this same sanctuary
It's the only place I can't seem to breathe
Worn down by the burdens I carry
I can't wait until I fucking leave
Every night I discover me
You won't be proud of all the things that I see
I don't love anyone or anything
I need more air so that I can breathe easily
This is the only time I'm truly honest
I keep my words hidden behind my teeth
Alone I will wander is silence
I swear I ain't alive underneath
Track Name: I Have Nothing
What we felt, it was planted on wires
Received a message not from God nor a saint
Our life for bid to a buyer
Not controlled, we thought we would break
And I was forced to create
Who they said I heard not, He was silent
The gods are myth, dreamt up, man made
I can't believe in something so quiet
If faith is everything
Then I have nothing
I believe in what I see
So why can't you fucking show me something?
Omnipotence rein down on me
How easy it would be
To turn my back and leave
All the choices that I made
Get the fuck out of this place
Leave the people that I know
And strike out on my own
Be free